Glee’s Puck Takes It Upon Himself for a Solo


On Glee, Mark Salling plays jock turned tenor Noah "Puck" Puckerman, Jew extraordinaire, fight-club member, and Mohawk-wearing stud who melted our little hearts the minute he crooned a woefully abridged version of "Sweet Caroline" to Lea Michele's Rachel Berry. Since then, we've pleaded in our weekly recaps for another solo for Puck, to no avail. Little did we know, until commenter Nikki5 tipped us off, that a while back Salling created a homemade video in which he cruises in his SUV while singing about just how much he loves Glee. It begins with some sweet boy-band-esque guitar (played by Salling, we assume, since Puck travels with guitar on Glee), features plenty of adorable handheld cast footage, and, though Salling mostly sings about how "there is nowhere I'd rather be — than chillin' on Glee," he does inform us of some intriguing personal details, like, "I've only eaten yams now for three days straight." It's all very aw-inducing, but you know what this means, Glee writers — Mark is on our side! More singing for Puck in the back nine!