Hot Chip Want to Make a Drunken Mistake That Lasts Forever


Should a band be penalized for sounding too much like themselves? It’s a stock question that Hot Chip’s new single “One Life Stand” — the title track off their new album, out February 8 — has us pondering. We adored the Brits’ 2006 album The Warning, then tuned out after last year’s similar follow-up, Made in the Dark. Now “One Life Stand” has broken our Hot Chip furlough, and we’re remembering how much we liked these guys in the first place. An ode to everlasting devotion from front man Alexis Taylor, it features a coldly efficient verse breaking over and over into a lilting, joyful chorus; yes, it’s a formula the Chip’s employed before, but here it’s as effective as ever. Bonus: This time, there are steel drums in the background.