HIMYM Creator Justifies His Show’s Current Season, Again


Desipite last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother, it’s hard to deny that this season's been a little shaky. But at least executive producer Carter Bays is answering for it, first to Michael Ausiello and now the L.A.Times. We're still not buying his claim that breaking up Barney and Robin so quickly after so much buildup was the plan all along; but here's what he says: “It's definitely not everything's back to normal … in the coming episodes … there'll be some big changes in their relationship.” Elsewhere, Robin’s getting a real love interest, and the Alan Thicke–Robin Sparkles variety hour won’t debut this season. And overall — dum dum dum — “there's going to be some big shake-ups in the second half of the season.” [Showtracker/LAT]