Iron Man 2 Trailer: Mickey Rourke Whips Robert Downey Jr. Into Shape


Prior to Iron Man's May 2 release in 2008, Marvel and Paramount had fairly high hopes that they could successfully will another superhero franchise into existence. However, their most optimistic box-office projections were shattered — in a good way! — when the film roared to a $98 million opening weekend on its way to cracking the $300 million barrier at the domestic box office. After that mammoth success, there was some fallout: Terrence Howard was surprisingly replaced by Don Cheadle during a salary dispute, the studio tried to lowball Vulture hero Mickey Roarke Rourke, and Emily Blunt was hired to play the Black Widow, and then, just as quickly, was promptly un-cast. So, after all that turmoil, how did the film turn out? Well, the first trailer for the film just hit the interwebs, and thankfully, all of Robert Downey Jr.'s cocksure attitude that made the first movie such a huge hit looks as if it has been successfully replicated. The trailer also gives us a really good look at Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, but sadly, there's no sign of his signature drunk cockatoo.

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