Jeremy Renner Is Not an Avenger


Shot Down: Last month the Internet seized on a rumor that The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner would play Hawkeye in the much-hyped production of The Avengers. Turns out it was just that, a rumor. Renner told Movieline that he did talk to Marvel about the character but things never went any further than that. Anyway, he's more of a fatigue-wearing, machine-gun toting soldier than a musclebound, purple-clad archer. [Movieline]

LOLBC: NBC is in talks to revive its stand-up comedy-based realty show Last Comic Standing, which last aired in the summer of 2008. The peacock is looking for a new host and hopes to add a few tweaks to the show that has brought us the comic stylings of Dat Phan, Alonzo Bodden and this guy, who looks just the singer from Spin Doctors. [EW]

Great Scott: Gatz, a six-hour play that consists of reading The Great Gatsby from start to finish, has been given the go ahead to be produced in New York. The company behind the show had previously been barred from performing it because the performance rights to The Great Gatsby were held by another play. But now that hurdle has been cleared and you're free to spend a quarter of a day listening to someone read you a book. [NYT]