The Cast of Jersey Shore Is Now Hobnobbing With Mike Tyson


You knew it was only a matter of time before the cast of Jersey Shore started showing up on TMZ, didn't you? Yes, that's right, our favorite group of lovable lunkheads took the 2,900-mile trip west to Los Angeles over the weekend, where they surveyed the Hollywood club scene before showing up at something called the Video Game Awards. Seeing as how the awards are set to be broadcast on MTV sister-station Spike TV, Snooki, J-WOWW, Pauly D, and the Situation were asked to hit the promotional trail and present an award at last night's ceremony. In an attempt to make things more interesting, the self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes came onstage with renowned ear-muncher and surprise star of The Hangover Mike Tyson. And, wouldn't you know it, Mike "the Situation" couldn't resist the urge to show perpetually hungry Tyson his now-infamous abs. So, does the ex-champ love the Situation? Watch and find out!

Video Game Awards [Spike]