Red-Carpet Look Book: Julianne Moore


When you're a redhead, green works like nothing else. Julianne Moore knows this — but she wisely steers clear of overkill in regard to the killer color. Otherwise, Moore's looks run the gamut: classic black cocktail dresses or their flirtier cousins, simple yet sweeping gowns, two-tone heels and strappy gladiators. She's just stylish enough to have her presence appreciated but not so captivating as to distract from the fact that the lady is a thespian. Confirming that her fashion runs a distant second to her craft, she's still capable of making amateur-hour missteps, showing up in the occasional unflattering color or ill-fitting frock, and sometimes with cuts best suited to a Sevigny. But then she appears in her emerald trump card, and all is forgiven.