Kid Cudi’s Champagne Budget Is Extravagant


He’d had our attention since “Day-n’-Nite,” and stoked it with “Make Her Say,” but when Kid Cudi released his debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, it felt overlong and too downcast. Now he’s gone and dropped the video for “The Pursuit of Happiness” and has our interest piqued again. A muted color palette, mixed-up tempos, just the right touch of ugly debauchery — now this is how you make an “I’m lonely at an awesome party” video. It doesn't seem as though Ratatat and MGMT, who collaborated on the track, show up, but Cudi’s buddy Drake does, mostly to mouth lyrics and take part in synchronized Champagne-splashing shenanigans. (By the way, the clip was produced by Josh Hartnett and directed by the guy who did Animal Collective's "My Girls.") We happily confess that we initially ignored what is a total banger. A music video making us pay attention to a song! When’s the last time that happened?