New Lady Gaga Much Like the Old Lady Gaga


Hey, new Lady Gaga! According to Idolator, “Reloaded” — another tightly constructed upbeat dance-jam, this time with nicely clattering drums — was produced by Rodney Jenkins and is an outtake from The Fame Monster sessions. We’ll give you three guesses as to its content: (a) a statement on the lobbying influence of major American gun manufacturers and a personal reflection on the social effects of violence in inner-city communities, (b) a deconstruction of the critical reception of Metallica’s mid-nineties output, primarily focusing on Rolling Stone’s review of the band’s 1997 album ReLoad, or (c) a breakdown of what Gaga's looking for in a sexual partner; namely, that he or she be a “solider,” able to “go long,” and knows how to “conserve the juices” for the “marathon” that sex with Gaga is. Listen and find out!