Red-Carpet Look Book: Meryl Streep


Is it possible for an American to be awarded with an Order of the British Empire? It just seems that, at this point, Meryl Streep really deserves a "Dame" before her name — especially when it comes to hitting the red carpet, wherein, much like Helen Mirren, she exudes a regality and confidence befitting a Grand Ol' Dame. By the standards of her younger colleagues — who, in their late thirties or forties and with nary an Oscar nod to their names, are practically starlets in comparison — Streep veers into casual territory: contemporary black, brown, or gray dresses, all classically chic but nothing worth burning into memory. But when you're Meryl freaking Streep, does it even matter? All she needs to do is sweep her hair into a soft updo (or something sleek, if she's pulling out all the stops) and she's good to go. The serious legend has still got a sense of fun, however, intermittently surprising in a playful frock or, just to remind you that she's too big to care about this stuff, appearing in casual slacks for her own world premiere.