Mr. T to Sit Out the A-Team Remake


T Time: Of all the original members of the A-Team that we'd like to see make a cameo in the A-Team remake, none is as important as Mr. T. But like the Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle we asked for for Christmas, it was not meant to be. The guys at Latino Review ran into Mr. T at the gym last week, where he broke the news. Mr. T says a cameo isn't right for him and he'd prefer to continue spending his days eating Snickers and then going to gym to work them off. [Latino Review]

Fat Man: Tyler Perry will strap on the fat suit for a new stage production of Madea's Big Happy Family. The show will see him revive the matriarch of the kooky Simmons family on stage for the first time in five years. Perry promises the production will "make you hurt yourself in a good way." We think that means it will make you laugh. [WSJ]

Dock Side: After a nearly three-year break, The Boondocks will return to Adult Swim early next year. Score one for smart cartoons! [Wrap]