Jersey Shore is the Realest Kind of Reality; Snooki Gets Punched In The Kisser


MTV’s Jersey Shore is not all swollen lats and hair gel — the show is increasingly steeped in violence. First, MTV added security at its Times Square headquarters after a wave of violent threats directed at the show's staff. And now the second trailer released by MTV shows one cast member, Snooki (whose “ultimate dream,” by the way, “is to move to Jersey, find a nice, juiced, hot, tan guy and live [her] life,” according to what she said in the first installment), getting punched in the face at an Ocean County bar during filming in August. It’s unclear exactly what Snookie did, if anything, to provoke the punch from 23-year-old Brad Ferro, but apparently he had just stolen her drink after being cut off by the bouncers earlier in the night. The close-fisted punch knocked Snooki off her bar stool, but she didn’t receive medical treatment.

Snooki gets punched at 1:26.

After her drink's stolen, MTV star gets punch [Philly]
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