Nine Trailer: When Will They Let Us Hear Daniel Day-Lewis Sing?


It's the last great mystery of this awards season: Can Daniel Day-Lewis carry a tune? Will he drink Raúl Juliá's milkshake, or choke on it in pitchy, ear-splitting fashion? Last night the Weinstein Company released the third trailer for Rob Marshall's Nine — out in less than three weeks! — and we still haven't heard the film's lead actor sing a note (the only evidence we have so far that he sings at all is this nine-second, low-volume YouTube clip, which Oprah ruins by talking over). What are they hiding? At this point, we'll almost be disappointed if he doesn't sound like Bob Dylan. Otherwise, this new assembly of footage makes us slightly more excited for the movie, but mostly reinforces our previously formed expectations for other stars' singing performances (Fergie: pretty good, actually; Kate Hudson: bad).