Zoe Saldana Will Have You Know She Trained Very Hard to Be a Computer-Generated Character in Avatar


"It was the most physically demanding role I've ever done. I trained in everything from riding bareback and martial arts to archery. I was okay with almost all of it except our trip to Hawaii before filming to experience a tropical environment like Pandora. Jim made us live for three days without technology and a minimum of creature comforts while we went climbing and digging in the dirt. I was almost naked for three days and as muddy as a dead rat. I finally went, 'I can't deal with this' and Jim said, 'Oh, come on, Zoe, suck it up!'" —Zoe Saldana on roughing it for Avatar [Parade]

"Yes, an old man on a player piano would perform it. We'd go down to the speakeasy and put hot potatoes in our pockets so we'd be warm as we walked home." —(Old woman) Amy Poehler on listening to the Chipmunks when she was just a young thing [MTV]

"I didn't make any demands in terms of the interpersonal connecting of body parts. I just did what I was told by the director. But, every time I kissed Hugh [Grant], I told him I was doing it for America." —Patriot Sarah Jessica Parker [Parade]

"Robert is a bit Sherlock Holmesian himself, so yeah, his brain works at 100 miles an hour. Actually his seems to work a lot faster than mine 'cause I don't always know what he was talking about. But yeah, so as long as I can understand what he's talking about then we were in agreement." —Guy Ritchie on Robert Downey Jr. [ComingSoon via Female First]

"It's definitely a place I would like to go, musically. Not electronic … you can do weird [stuff] with guitars too." —Julian Casablancas's next stop: weird music [NME]

"She's got those Viking genes. I'm serious. They live forever, those people. It's the Viking genes and a whole lot of salmon." —Mark Boal, screenwriter for The Hurt Locker, on Kathryn Bigelow [Envelope/LAT]