R. Kelly Gives a Master Class on Addressing Haters


We know this is hard to believe, but back in June, rude upstart R&B singer Trey Songz set off on an anti–R. Kelly campaign with a dis track called "D.O.K. (Death of Kellz)." In it, Songz asserted that the once-great Kelly had fallen off — the increased use of Auto-Tune was of particular concern — and that he needed to be roused back onto his A-game. (Also, Songz had an album coming out in August that he was presumably hoping people would be aware of.) Kellz, very much alive, declined response — until now (by the way, go get that Untitled). In a classy black-and-white video shot in what appears to be his basement den — check out those vintage French ad posters! — Kelly gives a rambling speech about how no one should tell him what to do because he's very famous and successful, and if one was truly concerned with the quality of his music, that issue could be addressed privately. He never mentions Songz by name, but does say things like "you're trying to throw a rock at the top of the Sears tower" and "elephants don't swat flies." Needless to say, Vulture concurs.