Repo Men Trailer: Jude Law Wants Your Liver


Jude Law is enjoying a minor critical comeback with Sherlock Holmes, but don’t bet on it lasting: Up next is Repo Men, a gory futuristic action flick in which Law plays a guy who reclaims organs from people behind on their transplant payments. (Other than the plot, we know it’s the future because Law has a bar code–like neck tattoo and wears his short-sleeve shirt buttoned all the way to the top.) The lighthearted first minute of the new red-band trailer, and the fact that the movie was originally called The Repossession Mambo, has us hoping this is a promisingly over-the-top comedy, but all the stuff ripped off fromThe Bourne Identity suggest something much messier. Still, we might check it out just to find out how it is that the characters of the 37-year-old British Jude Law and the 48-year-old American Forest Whitaker are “best friends” that “grew up together.”