Robyn Teams Up With Sting’s Daughter


We would’ve skipped right over the video for I Blame Coco’s “Caesar” if it weren’t for the presence of Robyn, everyone’s favorite asymmetrically-coiffed Swedish electropop star. But we’re glad we stuck around: Turns out, I Blame Coco is the stage name of Coco Sumner, otherwise known as Sting’s daughter. We have no idea what she’s blabbering about — Whose doors are getting knocked down? What’s getting written on our T-shirt? — but she’s got a cool, vaguely accented singing voice, and she rides the track’s giant fuzzy bass line with all the grace of a seasoned pro. By the time Robyn shows up to spazz out on the chorus, you’ll have forgotten all about the video’s sub-Warriors design scheme.