Roman Polanski Kindly Asks for His Case to Be Dismissed


Roman Polanski's attorney Chad Hummel asked a California appeals court to dismiss the case against his chalet-dwelling client today after arguing that the judge in the case had acted way out of bounds. According to Hummell, the judge's transgressions include improperly discussing Polanski's punishment and threatening to increase the director's sentence if he challenged the decision to lock him back up. “It sends chills up your spine what this judge was doing," Hummel said, perhaps unaware of the number of chills Polanski has sent up spines.

Before the court can decide whether Polanski's case should be thrown out, it must decide if he needs to be present before any decisions are made. Naturally, Polanski would rather not return to California. Not because of the arrest warrants or anything, but because he doesn't want to leave his sweet ass chalet.

Roman Polanski asks California appeals court to dismiss child sex case [LA Times]