Red-Carpet Look Book: Sandra Bullock


When she does it right, Sandra Bullock is a 4.0 — but when she goes wrong, she might as well drop out. Her little-black-dress track record is flawless, ranging from sex bomb to curve-hugging conservative to more adventurous, complex cuts. It's always good to see an America's Sweetheart type embrace interesting design. But — at the risk of sounding a bit ageist — a 45-year-old woman, now matter how great she looks, should steer clear of tight, multicolored minidresses, minidresses with sparkles, minidresses with booties, minidresses in general. Glamorous as it may be, it reads like a mid-life crisis teetering in platforms. All Bullock needs is to do follow up these mistakes with something more flattering, and penance is paid.