The Situation Bestows a New Nickname on Conan O’Brien: ‘The Solution’


At this point, you can't stop the Jersey Shore cast, you can only hope to contain them. After spending some time over the weekend hobnobbing with Mike Tyson, Snooki and the Situation were invited by Conan O'Brien for some quality hang time on the Tonight Show couch. As a means of prepping for the interview, Conan and Andy made sure to visit the Jersey Shore nickname generator, where they discovered that their Sleazeside handles should be C-Train and Juicebox, respectively. However, Conan's nickname didn't sit too well with the Situation; consequently, he dubbed Conan "the Solution." Not surprisingly, Conan ate it up.

Oh, one more thing before we go. We found out Shnickers Snooki only stands four foot nine! The little apple box that they put in front of her chair so her feet could rest on something was probably the most adorable thing we've ever seen. For all you juiceheads out there, here's part two of their interview.

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Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien [NBC]