Domestic-Violence Group ‘Horrified’ by SNL’s Tiger Woods Sketch


When we set out to recap this weekend's Blake Lively–Rihanna episode of Saturday Night Live, we never really thought to include the sketch that spoofed the Tiger Woods incident in our write-up because, frankly, topicality doesn't always equate to hilarity. Well, it seems that the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence agrees with our take, only instead of just ignoring the sketch entirely like we chose to, they're making a big stink out of what really was a forgettable four minutes of Kenan Thompson lisping and Jason Sudeikis misfiring on his Wolf Blitzer impression.

TMZ spoke with the association's executive director, one Rita Smith, who went on record as being "horrified" that the skit "made such a mockery of abuse." We suppose that, upon reflection, it probably wasn't Lorne Michaels's proudest moment when he decided to approve a bit that poked fun at Elin Woods's now infamous temper when a victim of domestic violence would later perform onstage as the evening's musical guest, but we also feel like the NCADV is probably overreacting a bit to what seemed to us to be a fairly innocuous sketch. Take a look for yourself and let us know if you concur.

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