Red-Carpet Look Book: Vera Farmiga


On the red carpet, Vera Farmiga keeps it relatively conservative — which isn't a bad thing, as it's refreshing to see an actress over the age of 35 actually dress like she's over the age of 35. For Farmiga, this means wearing draped gowns and cocktail dresses (the Grecian thing works well on her body type — even though she's only five seven, there's something statuesque about her) and modest, knee-length looks that seem more suited to her Up in the Air character than the actress herself. The real tragedy here is that, with rare exception, she sticks almost exclusively to the basics: white, off-white, black; the sparkle or shine of her fabrics is minimal. In sum, the looks are classy but a bit boring. Why not wear a blush or a deep nude? Or experiment with an interesting cut? (A Swinton-esque caftan comes to mind.) Something, anything!