Simon Cowell Wants to Bring X Factor Via Pay-Per-View to a Computer Near You


Is there anything that Simon Cowell can't do? After convincing over 700,000 Americans that they should run out to the store last week and fork over their hard-earned cash money to buy an album full of covers sung by a frumpy British outcast, his idea to bring his hit show X Factor to America by way of Internet pay-per-view might not be as outlandish as it seems. In an interview that appears in next month's issue of British GQ, Cowell tantalizingly teases out a scenario in which his talent competition would be staged in Las Vegas and broadcast live twice a week to an audience of "20, 30, 40 million" paying subscribers online (his estimates, not ours). We honestly can't remember the last time we paid to watch anything online — it was probably the first season of Big Brother — but at this point, we're not about to put anything past Cowell and his evil genius.

Pay-Web May Be 'X Factor' for New Cowell Show [Wrap]