Simon Cowell Wants to Bring X Factor Via Pay-Per-View to a Computer Near You

Photo: Getty Images

Is there anything that Simon Cowell can't do? After convincing over 700,000 Americans that they should run out to the store last week and fork over their hard-earned cash money to buy an album full of covers sung by a frumpy British outcast, his idea to bring his hit show X Factor to America by way of Internet pay-per-view might not be as outlandish as it seems. In an interview that appears in next month's issue of British GQ, Cowell tantalizingly teases out a scenario in which his talent competition would be staged in Las Vegas and broadcast live twice a week to an audience of "20, 30, 40 million" paying subscribers online (his estimates, not ours). We honestly can't remember the last time we paid to watch anything online — it was probably the first season of Big Brother — but at this point, we're not about to put anything past Cowell and his evil genius.

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