You Probably Shouldn’t Introduce Drake to Your Best Friend


If there’s one guy who doesn’t want 2009 to end, it’s Drake. The young fellow had a nice run this year, graduating from a Degrassi nobody to a Song of the Summer winner and a dual Vulture "Best Of" honoree, in two different slideshows. So is a backlash inevitable? Drake thinks so — on the recently leaked “It’s Been a Pleasure” (from his upcoming debut Thank Me Later? Maybe!), he lets us know he’s “Honored to be somebody you mention / but before these niggas stop paying attention / I’ll just say it’s been a pleasure.” And with that out of the way, he’s back to respectfully partying with you: Perhaps you’d be interested in introducing Drake to your best friend? And then “persuad[ing] her to let [him] get some sex in”? There’s also pungent-weed smoking, rules-flaunting, and a clever statutory-rape reference that turns on the phrase “fucking amazing,” all draped over a triumphant beat. We encourage you to try it.