You Really Should Spend Some Time Reflecting On 2009’s Best Viral Videos


December has always been the month where we, as a culture, look back on the events of the previous year and reflect on our collective lessons learned. In a pop-culture sense, this reflection generally takes the form of written lists in which critics attempt to contextualize the entertainment landscape through a broader lens. However, in the relatively new world of viral video, the composition of traditional written lists seems as ancient and antiquated as, well, Wilford Brimley. After all, the content creators who work in this medium use well-edited video compilations to get their stories out to the world, and our friends over at Videogum are no exception. So why don't you kick back with a bottle of Faygo and watch this delightful romp through the year in viral video, starring juggalos, drugged-up children on their way home from the dentist, and kooky costume-shop employees. Play them off, Keyboard Cat!

The Best Viral Videos Of 2009: A Retrospective [Videogum]