30 Rock Producer Stands by Julianne Moore’s Boston Accent


When we heard that 30 Rock producer Robert Carlock was going to be at the Manhattan Theater Club's annual benefit last night (supporting Jane Krakowski, who performed along with Nathan Lane, Ana Gasteyer, and Raul Esparza), we knew we had to track him down, if only to clear up the ridiculousness that is Julianne Moore's Boston accent. But Carlock, a Bostonian himself, claims that it is wicked pissah accurate.

"I grew up with people like that,” he said. “Not everyone talks like that in Boston, but I think she's enough of an actress to pull it off. She's awesome." So he thinks Moore sounds realistic? "I'm going to go with that. I know people who sound like that. Take the train." (Just stay off the T’s orange line. They don’t like outsidahs there, you cawksuckahs!) The local boy insists that all the show’s recent Boston mocking (Sully!) comes from a good place, though. "Oh, Boston love! ... It's all loving, it's all very loving.” We also harangued Carlock for some 30 Rock spoilers, and he revealed that Jon Bon Jovi, who will play himself in the show's Valentine's Day episode, will arrive to give Liz Lemon some much-needed romantic advice. Lesson one: Faneuil Hall dates are for suckahs!