Don’t Get Too Excited for the A-Team Trailer


Even though we spent most every Tuesday night in the eighties huddled just inches away from the television whenever the A-Team came on, we have to admit that we haven't had a lower amount of anticipation for a movie-to-TV reboot since The Flintstones came out. We hate to bag on a movie too hard after only seeing roughly 90 seconds worth of footage, but everything about this adaptation feels smarmy, forced, and inferior to the original series. Even though the resolution of this trailer is grainy, you can't miss the faraway "just cashing a paycheck" look in star Liam Neeson's eyes. Making matters worse, former UFC champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson possesses roughly 0.1 percent of the charisma of the inimitable Mr. T. And really, director Joe Carnahan expects audiences to buy that an elite team of commandos would insist on driving around in a 1983 GMC Van? Nostalgia ain't what it used to be, folks.