A Movie Finally Gets Purchased at Sundance


Lionsgate paid $3.2 million for the distribution rights to the must-be-terrifying film Buried at Sundance today. It was the first big acquisition at what has been a particularly slow Sundance, where many of the most highly-anticipated films remain up for grabs. But not the Ryan Reynolds-starring Buried, which takes place exclusively inside of a coffin buried in an unknown part of Iraq. Reynolds plays a civilian truck driver trapped in the coffin with a cell phone that he must use to raise $5 million for his captors. His task is complicated by the phone's dying battery, the lack of oxygen in the coffin and the snake tickling his toes.

Lionsgate is known for putting out scary movies, like a little series you may have heard of called Saw. But for our money, being buried alive with a snake is exponentially more terrifying than an insane clown.

Sundance 2010: 'Buried' lands first big deal, at $3.2 million [LA Times]