An Oscar Producer Panics: What If Robert Pattinson Isn’t Available on March 7?


This morning, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced plans to obscure the unsightly makers of The Hurt Locker behind Taylor Lautner's beautiful muscles at Sunday's Golden Globes. And now, Oscar producer Adam Shankman is scrambling to line up Twilight stars to compensate for the uglies at his awards show. He just sent his Twitter followers this appeal: "Scenario: what if, due to scheduling, pats isn't avail? Shall we Go Stewart. And lautner ? Or no twilighters?" Then, later: "Amusing: the fans see split! Team Jakob and team ed. It's going to be a surprise." And later still: "Remmber : oscars are bigger the n prese mgtdx B." (We have no idea what that last tweet means.) If we're reading these correctly, it seems Robert Pattinson is unavailable to attend the ceremony on March 7, misshapen Oscar nominees will sit in plain view of the cameras, and a panicked Shankman is writing in terrified gibberish. This could, literally, get ugly.

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