Ben Silverman Is Getting Married!


Can things get any better for Ben Silverman right now? Doubtful! NBC has all but burst into flames without his sage leadership, his new company is making deals and knocking down silos all over the place, and now, courtesy of his friends at the New York Post, we learn that he's engaged! Silverman recently popped the question to girlfriend Jennifer Cuoco, a commercial real-estate agent, and the pair celebrated in Hollywood with friends Ryan Seacrest and Jason Bateman (along with a whole pack of white tigers, one assumes).

Cuoco's bio on her employer's website says, "She traveled to Beijing to work in international property management and leasing." Is that where the two met? How romantic! (It also might explain why, in August of 2008, "Beijing Ben" blew off all work at NBC for a month, ostensibly to phone in daily reports from the Summer Olympics to Seacrest's radio show.) Anyway, congratulations, you two!

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