Big Boi Makes Do Without an Incarcerated Gucci Mane


As far as we can tell, there’s still no release date for Big Boi’s delayed Sir Luscious Left Foot, but that hasn’t stopped Outkast’s rappier half from releasing videos for the album’s awesome leaks. Here we have the low-budget clip for “Shine Blockas,” a track so good it could make watching traffic lights change compelling ... which is a good thing, because not much happens here. Big Boi starts off rapping his way through a sock-purchasing Wal-Mart expedition, but the main action revolves around a series of desolate, vaguely illicit street scenes and the various poses Big Boi strikes in front of them; also, at one point someone shares a cigarette with a couple of street folks. Yeah, a little boring, but it actually works out as a nice companion piece to the track’s calm fury. Also, Gucci Mane, who provides the song’s chorus, was presumably too busy being in jail to show up in person, but those goofy photo montages provide almost enough amusement to make up for Gucci’s absence. And even if the whole thing were a complete waste of time, we’d still take any excuse we could to post “Shine Blockas” one more time. Enjoy!