Boardwalk Empire Trailer: HBO Goes to Atlantic City


It’s raining teaser trailers for upcoming HBO shows we’re legitimately excited about! First we got a brief look at David Simon’s Treme, and now here’s 57 seconds of Boardwalk Empire. It’s kind of a snooze, actually, which is not something you’d expect to hear about a project that involves the phrases “produced and directed by Martin Scorsese,” “written by The Sopranos’ Terence Winter,” “starring Steve Buscemi,” and “about gangsters wrecking shop in 1920’s Atlantic City.” We basically just get a few gunshots, some well-cut period garb, and a whole lot of forlorn looks. Guess we’ll have to wait until the premiere (the exact date is unannounced, but word is not till fall) for the goods. For now, you'll have to continue to get your entertainment from NBC's late-night scheduling news.

[Via GQ]