Breaking Bad Spoofs Obama Weatherproof Billboard


The controversial Obama-wearing-Weatherproof billboard in Times Square is about to come down, but not before AMC got in on the joke and posted their own billboard next door for Breaking Bad's third season (which premieres March 21, and can't come quickly enough). The bigger and funnier billboard also has its "model" standing in front of the Great Wall of China, although Bryan Cranston's meth-dealing science teacher, Walter White, is sporting a gas mask, the latest in drug-cooking hazmat couture. Instead of "Weatherproof," AMC's billboard reads "YouGotNoProof" (a reference to White's above-the-law actions), and replaces A Leader in Style with A Dealer in Style. "'We saw that first billboard, and we thought, wouldn't it be great if we were the ones to replace it?'' AMC president Charlie Collier told the Associated Press. At the time, Weatherproof wasn't ready to take its ad down, so AMC had to rent the neighboring space. But now the clothing company says it's going to remove its billboard tomorrow, which is probably best for Obama, who has enough problems right now without being linked to a fictional kingpin.