Brendan Fraser’s Clapping Jag at Golden Globes Gets Hilarious Gwen Stefani Remix


What a difference a weekend makes. While Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford likely spent all day yesterday licking their wounds after Extraordinary Measures took in a disappointing $7 million at the box office this weekend, just one weekend prior they spent their Sunday night chumming around with their multimillionaire peers at the Golden Globes. The following video, in which an overly excited Encino Man Fraser claps in just about the goofiest fashion possible, comes from that evening. YouTube user DisneyDude saw the clap-and-point and, in one of those moments of mash-up inspirado, decided to remix it with Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" serving as the soundtrack. Essential!

Our Week Begins With The Brendan Fraser Clap Remix [Videogum]