Conan Gets a Visit From an NBC Page


Conan O'Brien was joined by a surprise guest on stage tonight. It was NBC page Kenneth Parcell of Stone Mountain, Georgia! In a departure from previous nights, when Conan reamed NBC himself, he let his tour-leading friend take the reins tonight. And take the reins Kenneth did. With his trademark grin and aw-schucks delivery, Parcell (or Jack McBrayer, if you don't think the characters from 30 Rock are real people) hammered the network: "NBC spent more time building this studio than using it."; "[The studio] will make a beautiful storage facility for old office furniture."; "Just like Conan, most of the staff here uprooted and moved their families to come work here." Conan half-smiled and half-laughed along. He seems to sense that the end is nigh.