Which Song Should Barry Manilow Sing on Conan’s Penultimate Tonight Show Next Thursday?


Looks like the Sports Guy was right! People, too, is now reporting that Conan's last-ever Tonight Show will air on January 22 ("Conan does not currently plan on doing any more new shows after next week," says their source). Bill Simmons claims the show is currently seeking the biggest stars they can find to appear in these last few episodes, but celebrities already booked for next week include: Colin Firth, Paul Bettany, Spoon, Joss Stone — and Barry Manilow (he's currently the last scheduled guest). So, what classic Manilow jam would you most like to hear when Barry closes next Thursday's show, Conan's second-to-last one as an NBC employee? Which glorious song from his legendary discography would make for the most appropriate send-off? "Can't Smile Without You"? "Ready to Take a Chance Again"? "Bermuda Triangle"? This is TV history in the making, people! Set your DVRs, then leave your suggestions in the comments.

Conan O'Brien Likely to End Hosting The Tonight Show Jan. 22 [People]