Crazed Art Historians Formulate Hilarious Plot to Exhume Leonardo da Vinci’s Corpse


If that headline sounds like an idea so preposterous not even Dan Brown would think of writing 50 four-page chapters about it for his latest absurd Robert Langdon novel, you're probably gonna pass out when you find out that it's actually happening in real life. That's right, some scientists and historians from Italy's National Committee for Cultural Heritage have been discussing exhuming the corpse of Leonardo da Vinci in an attempt to locate and study his skull for some time now. Apparently, the groups have agreed in principle as to how the project should be undertaken, and the digging could begin as recently as this coming summer. But why?

We're completely okay with you not believing us when we tell you this, but this crazed cabal of scientists and historians are attempting to determine whether the Mona Lisa is ... wait for it ... actually a self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci! As we mentioned, this theory has apparently gained so much traction that people are considering digging up a body that's been buried for almost 500 years in an attempt to find the skull so they can digitally create an accurate likeness of the man. But do you want to know the best part of this whole insane story? Officials are not even really sure if the body they're planning to dig up is actually Leonardo da Vinci's! Someone get Nicolas Cage on the horn, it's time to start getting people attached to National Treasure 3: Going International!

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