Week in Review: Our Worst Posts


This week, Jerry Seinfeld joined Team NBC, we spoke with Nick Nolte about everything, clichés proved unkillable, Simon quit, Spider-Man died, you wrote poetry, Clooney cursed, we rapped with Vampire Weekend, Gabourey Sidibe cracked herself up, Conan wrote a letter, television killed you, James Toback served it cold, Ben Silverman got engaged, Hanx joined Twitter, Harvey told somebody where to stick it, arrrrgh, Taylor Lautner made everybody look good, we went backstage with Passion Pit, MTV pinned its hopes on a wang, we polled the critics on 2009's worst, Robert Pattinson ruined the Oscars, Barry Manilow came and gave without taking, Jay took back the Tonight Show, we talked to Chris Parnell, Neil Young sang about your pants, Jimmy Kimmel was awesome, Avatar was arrested for the murder of Spider-Man, and the director of Downfall liked your silly YouTube videos. See you Sunday night at the Globes!