David Hasselhoff Prepares to Make His Triumphant Return to Television


We know that the last thirteen days have been extremely difficult for you, the loyal Vulture reader. After all, we too have felt the effects of sleep deprivation brought on by the recent fluctuations in David Hasselhoff's esteemed career. However, we're excited to let you know that you will no doubt be getting some well-deserved shuteye tonight, as A&E confirmed today that they have greenlit production on a Hoff-centric reality show. The network ordered up ten episodes of the as-yet-untitled program, which will revolve around the former America's Got Talent judge as he "focuses on his multiple entertainment and business endeavors, as well as his most important role as a single dad trying to help his teenage daughters’ break into the recording industry." Yes, you read that correctly, he's finally made amends with his daughter (Ann, 19) that videotaped his drunken hamburger exploits and then promptly passed them along to the tabloids. We're unsure as to whether or not either of them has more talent than the other famous reality show daughter who never quite made it in the biz, but for the sake of their future careers, we hope that this program will be broadcast in Germany, too.

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