Should Jay Leno Be Worried About All of NBC’s Pilots?


For the 2010-11 TV season, NBC has ordered 18 pilots, its most in one year since 2003. NBC exec Angela Bromstad says the new shows will go a long way toward filling the network's "many holes" and "rebuilding the schedule." Could one of those holes be from 10-11 p.m., the spot currently occupied by a certain chin-y funnyman? Maybe! NBC denies that the high number of pilot orders has anything to do with Jay Leno, but it's hard not to think otherwise. Leno's ratings stink, he's hurting NBC affiliates and his jokes still aren't funny. Just in case the network is thinking about ending its great Leno experiment of 2009, these pilots would certainly provide some insurance.

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NBC Is Flying a Lot of Pilots -- Is It Really to Fill Up Jay Leno Airspace? [BNet]