Honest to Blog, Ellen Page Is Shilling for Cisco in a New TV Spot


Luke Wilson's plan to raise his falling profile by working as a celebrity pitchman for AT&T seems to have paid off: He landed a job opposite Laura Dern in what sounds to be a promising pilot on HBO. And now it appears that Juno star Ellen Page is following in Wilson's (increasingly swarthy) footsteps, as we saw her precious mug pop up on television last night in a commercial for Cisco, of all things. Sadly, Cisco is not planning to launch a series of wireless 3G burger phones, but rather they are looking to capitalize on Page's heretofore-unknown popularity with the information-technology community to sell some routers, application networking software, and lots of other techie things of which we have little-to-no comprehension. No word yet on whether a pack of Tic Tacs will be included in every purchase.