Excitement Builds, Sort of, as Grammys Draw Near


We know you’re probably having trouble sitting still, what with tonight’s Grammys — which Vulture will be liveblogging — being just hours away, but in case you needed more reason to tune in, here are three things to look forward to:

1. Britney will be there! According to her manager’s daughter’s Twitter (basically the most reliable source ever), Ms. Spears will be in attendance tonight — if true, it's a decent guarantee of some kind of memorable/cringe-worthy moment.

2. Rap heavyweights Eminem, Drake and Lil Wayne will take the stage together to perform “Forever” joined by drummer Travis Barker. Check out the pic at left, snapped by October's Very Own at one of their rehearsals this week, and decide for yourself if that’s Eminem to the right… or some kind of crash test dummy.

3. Though it hasn't been officially confirmed, it's rumored that Lady Gaga will be opening the show with a duet with Elton John. What will they sing? What will she wear on her head? And will Elton try the monster claws dance?