George Lucas Hard at Work on CGI-Fairy Musical


Having retroactively ruined your childhood with the Star Wars prequels and Indiana Jones 4, George Lucas turns his attention to some new terrible-sounding thing. The Hollywood Reporter says he has an "untitled, top-secret CGI-animated film," featuring "music from a variety of sources," in preproduction at his Skywalker Ranch. He won't write or direct it, thankfully — those honors go to scribe David Berenbaum, who scripted Elf, and Kevin Monroe, helmer of 2007's CG Ninja Turtles movie — but he did come up with the story, which reportedly "features fairies." A Lucasfilm spokesperson says it's "too early to comment on the details of the project," but we thought we should probably warn you about it anyway.

George Lucas producing a CGI musical! Featuring ... fairies? [Heat Vision/HR]