Get Ready for One Interesting-Sounding New Jimi Hendrix Song, Lots of Other Crap


2Pac currently reigns as the most famously prolific dead musician, and Michael Jackson will probably make a run at the title (just just ask Lenny Kravitz). But don't count out Jimi Hendrix! Experience Hendrix, LLC, the crew that controls his estate, is sorting through all the crap he left behind, and is teaming up with Sony’s Legacy Recordings for a giant release schedule they’re calling the 2010 Jimi Hendrix Catalog Project.

Most notable is March 9's Valleys of the Neptune, an odds-and-ends collection highlighted by the title track, which Hendrix completed during his lifetime but never released (there are a couple of half-finished-sounding versions floating around on YouTube). But that’s not all! Also out March 9 will be re-releases of Hendrix's three studio albums, each packaged with new making-of documentaries on DVD. Further down the line, there's a re-release of 1968’s Smash Hits, a Blu-ray release of Live at Woodstock, a boxed set, another documentary, and a fourth edition of the Experience Hendrix Tour to feature the likes of Joe Satriani and Ernie Isley playing Hendrix tunes. And why all this activity now, in 2010? Sensibly, the Hendrix estate is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his death.

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