Guy Who Leaked Wolverine Imagines a Meeting With Hugh Jackman


The New York Times has a nice interview today with 47-year-old Gilberto Sanchez of the Bronx, the guy Fox and the FBI are blaming for leaking an unfinished copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to the Internet last March, a full month before its theatrical release. Sanchez says he wasn't the source of the original leak — he claims he bought the movie on DVD from a bootlegger in a Chinese restaurant before uploading it to a file-sharing site — but he's been charged with breaking copyright law and faces prison time. As such, he's been getting lots of attention; he was recently asked by CBS to appear on Letterman alongside Wolverine star Hugh Jackman (who, when told his movie had leaked, said he was "heartbroken"), but he turned them down ("I'm not going to sit next to Wolverine. That’s a setup," says Sanchez). Even so, in the piece, he imagines how their meeting might've played out.

Here is what Mr. Sanchez imagines Jackman would've said, had they met on Letterman: "'Hey, you did what you did. You didn’t hurt us.'" That is certainly one way such a summit might've gone down! Also plausible: Jackman disemboweling Sanchez with his bone claws.

Adventures of the Man Who Leaked ‘Wolverine’ [NYT]