Miley Cyrus Is Preparing to Ditch Her Blonde Hannah Montana Wig Once and for All


We had high hopes for this decade, we really did. However, the New York Post's report today that Miley Cyrus will NOT be signing on for a fifth season of Hannah Montana has us wishing that we could hit the fast-forward button and start things over in January 2020. There is a bit of a silver lining to this horribly depressing news, though: Miley has not even begun filming episodes of the show's fourth season! Cameras start rolling on January 18 and will continue shooting footage of the Disney Channel's primary cash cow through the summer, which means that new episodes of the show will continue to air well into 2011. That ought to give the five million of you out there who watch the show every week plenty of time to figure out how you're going to break the news to your loved ones.

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