Harvey Weinstein Responds to Mouthy Single Man Star


A week ago, Vulture spoke with Matthew Goode, who worried about the Oscar chances for his film, A Single Man, because "it doesn't seem to be getting a push from the Weinsteins too much." We figured Harvey Weinstein might find fault with that assertion, so we asked him about it this morning at an outdoor event near 39th Street during which a block of Fashion Avenue was temporarily renamed "Project Runway Avenue" to celebrate the show's upcoming return to New York. "A Single Man? It's got three Golden Globe nominations, it's got [a] Broadcast Critics nomination," the Weinstein Company co-chairman told us. "I mean, we have 250 Oscar nominations and 72 wins, but I think Matthew might know a little bit more than me." Really, though, the whole thing is already in the past, explains Harvey: "Actually, he apologized."

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