Iron Man to Fight Villains With AC/DC’s Help


Well, this is weird: The official soundtrack for Iron Man 2 will be an AC/DC greatest-hits collection. The title is AC/DC: Iron Man 2; it’ll be out April 9; and it’ll feature fourteen classic cuts, plus “War Machine” from 2008’s Black Ice (which they had to include because that’s Don Cheadle’s character’s name in the movie). There’s also a wholly unnecessary new clip hyping the project, which splices live footage of the band doing “Shoot to Thrill” with non-exciting footage from the movie (if you're really trying to murder five minutes, it’s posted after the jump).

Huh. So is the movie itself just going to have AC/DC songs? That could present some challenges, right? Will the weepy moment where Tony Stark and Pepper Potts embrace their flowering emotions for one another be soundtracked by “Love Hungry Man” or “Let Me Put My Love Into You”? We suppose we shouldn’t worry too much, though: According to Columbia Records co-chairman Steve Barnett, “Jon Favreau’s vision and passion for AC/DC’s music blend seamlessly into this incredible film.” Still, whatever happens with the movie, the soundtrack will probably only be the second-best album with the words "iron man" in the title.

AC/DC Music Video With New Iron Man 2 Footage [/Film]