Jay Leno Gets Serious About Late Night


NBC released a clip of The Jay Leno Show a little early tonight, in which the most hated man in late-night tries to explain exactly how we ended up where we are. From behind his desk, and with some surely hilarious headlines waiting in front of him, Leno launches into his explanation. The time line starts in 2004 and ends with NBC offering to move his show to 11:35 and bump Conan to 12:05. Apparently the network thought Coco would love this solution. We all know how that worked out. At the end of the clip, before finally getting to those headlines, Leno plays coy and says, "It looks like we could be back at 11:30. I don't know." Then: "We might have an answer for you tomorrow." Interestingly, the published list of Tonight Show guests only goes to tomorrow.