Report: Jersey Shore Cast ‘Likely to Return’ for Second Season


Good news! Despite MTV's attempts to play hardball with the lovable cast of Jersey Shore by telling the New York Post that everyone's favorite self-proclaimed "guidos" are "easily replaceable," a report in today's Variety says that the cast is "likely to return" to the drunken pastures of Sleazeside Heights next summer. It appears that the legendarily cheap network is ready to meet the cast members' demands to be paid $10,000 per episode to beat up beats and engage in all sorts of televised debauchery. Speaking of which, it looks as if we may be seeing nude pictures of one of the housemates sooner rather than later.

According to the sometimes-reliable Radar Online, someone is shopping a series of nudie shots of Jenni "J-WOWW" Farley. Radar claims to have seen at least three of said stills, all of which sound fairly tame by today's horndog standards. Based on J-WOWW's willingness to put her cleavage on display whenever the situation called for it, we're guessing that she's not too broken up about these developments (especially if she gets a slice of the payout).

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